1. Hazel Stuckert, 91, of Grove City, Ohio died Friday, January 27, 2017 at 10:07 a.m. at Caring Touch in Lockbourne, Ohio.

Mrs. Stuckert was born February 4, 1925, in Toney Alabama to Samuel and Cleo Sanders Williams.

She was a cafeteria supervisor for the Westfall School District for seventeen years.

Mrs. Stuckert was a past member of the O.S.U. Mother’s Club; the Child Conservation League of Washington Court House and was a founder of a Child Conservation League chapter in Grove City.  She enjoyed gardening, sewing, playing cards, playing the piano, singing, fishing and taking care of grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Loren Charles Stuckert on July 24, 2008; sisters, Nadine Tucker and Josephine Carroll; infant twin sisters, Meryl and Jeryl Williams and an infant brother, Samuel Williams, Jr.

Mrs. Stuckert is survived by three sons, Steven A. Stuckert of London, Dennis L. Stuckert of Orient and Von Eric Stuckert of Bloomington, IL; four grandsons, Brian, Aaron, Kyler and Jacob Stuckert; a great grandson, Phoenyx; two brothers and sisters-in-law, Vernon and Mary Williams of Maryland and Clifton and Louise Williams of Massachusetts and her special caregiver, Dee Krysty from Caring Touch.

A memorial service will be held Monday, January 30, 2017, at 4 p.m. at the Kirkpatrick Funeral Home in Washington Court House with Stewart C. Gardner, reader at the First Church of Christ Scientist, officiating.  Burial of the cremains will be at a later date in the Springfield Friends Church Cemetery at Sligo in Clinton County, Ohio.

There will be no calling hours.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Central Ohio Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, 1379 Dublin Road, Columbus, Ohio  43215.


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  • Michael Whitten says:

    My sincere condolences and sympathy to you and family. My prayers and thoughts are with you at this time. Take Care and God Bless.
    Michael Whitten

  • clifton beegle says:

    my father was loman beegle, half brother to cleo sanders Williams. our family was sorry to hear about hazel. with deepest sympathy Clifton beegle

    • Von Stuckert says:

      Thank-you Clifton. I am aware of and remember the name. Always enjoyed our family vacations to Alabama, the Huntsville area and fishing for snapping turtles with Grandpa Sam :). Von

  • Nancy C. Boggs says:

    Von, Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family…… in the passing of your beloved Mother…….she was an Alumni of Spring Valley High School and friend ……..she will be remembered fondly.

  • Von Stuckert says:

    Thank-you for everyone’s support so far. It’s been exhausting but at the same time healing knowing Mom is in a new body and with Dad now, enjoying gardening, fishing, and so many other things they enjoyed together. Mom’s love was never-ending, always patient. No family or relationship is perfect but together for me, I had a wonderful upbringing laded with many golden memories of a loving Mother. Dropbox link that contains pictures that will be posted at the memorial services is at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yb0pvtmtkthx1pn/AADxWACbGvVXLQIw9SxpaUHOa?dl=0. You may have to cut and paste that link and it isn’t necessary to sign in to browse the pics and vids. Also the home where she was staying (The Caring Touch) has a tribute. https://m.facebook.com/thecaringtouch/. Thank-you, Von.

  • Mechelle Clark Kern says:

    Steve, Dennis & Von,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. She was always one of my favorite people growing up at the lakes. I’ll never forget spending time at your house and the love she shared for all of you and anyone who entered her life. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Von Stuckert says:

      Mechelle, I remember you well as well. Mom was the music influence in all our lives, starting us on piano at an early age. I remember piano competitions that always found you to usually beat me out! Thank-you for the comments and rememberences of Mom. The time at the Lakes continues to be some of my best memories. Von

  • Mike Murphy says:

    Von –

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I have a lot of fond memories of time spent with you and your mom. She was always very kind to me and our family, truly a great lady.

    • Von Stuckert says:

      Mike! I remember a (red?) El Camino? Again, the Lakes are some of the best memories. Our family at it’s prime. Thank-you for being part of that and the remembernces and thoughts of Mom. Von

  • Lori Williams says:

    Such a lovely lady, a kind and gentle soul who cared about everyone that crossed her path in life. She was a wonderful sister to my dad. Theirs was a sibling connection of the heart that neither time nor distance interrupted. My deepest sympathy Von, Steve and Dennis. Love, Lori

    • Von Stuckert says:

      Lori, thank-you. And thank-you for being such a good daughter to Uncle Vernon. I know he loved Mom. Thank-you for helping to get him out these later years to see Mom. I know she loved him as well. Von

  • Lynn Lust says:

    Dear Stuckert Family,
    Just wanted you to know I will be thinking about you all tomorrow at the time of the service. I am not able to attend due to an afternoon commitment at Glenmont.

    I well remember your dad and mother. Your dad was so dear and always wanted to read with me. But your folks moved from First Church before that could happen. The last times I was with your mom was when I was visiting Mary Jo Snyder and she was there too, and then the last time you brought her to First Church.

    My memories of you, Dennis, are of teaching Sunday School classes next to you, and of your willingness to dress up as Noah for Bible Quest, the summer program we created for day care kids. And how we all loved Kyler…so cute.

    I’m sure your memories and love for your mother will continue forever.
    Warmest regards,
    Lynn Lust

    • Von Stuckert says:

      Lynn, thank-you. I remember the name. Hard to recall faces. Mom and Dad loved going to First Church. Beautiful church and good people. Mom did a lot of work for Mary Jo Snyder, part of her never-ending well of servitude. Thank-you for being part of Mom’s life. Von

  • Russell J Adams says:

    Dear Von, Steven, and Dennis:

    A time has come that all of us knew must come eventually. Dear Hazel suffers no more. Yet for those of us left our world feels undeniably colder.

    I hope none have regrets. Through many years I have seen each of you struggle, often in different ways, to benefit mom as she became the dependent among us. Through years I have witnessed decision after decision made in her best interest alone.

    There is no way others can take away the pain of a loss so close as your dear mother. And yet, I hope there can be gentle pride shared by all of you that you did what you could with her and for her while she walked among us.

    You have my prayers as you lean into bitter winds of loss…

    Your friend, Russ

    • Von Stuckert says:

      Thank-you Russ. And thank you for being a good friend and providing guidance to help make those loving decisions for Mom. Von

  • Cliff and Louise Williams says:

    Von, Dennis, and Steve: As the youngest brother, I remember Hazel as being kind and thoughtful, and I loved her, not only as a sister, but as an inspiration. I remember the reunions we always had, and what fun we used to have as a family. I know that you will miss your Mother, but I also know that she is in a much better place now, in the hands of God and with her beloved Loren.

    • Von Stuckert says:

      Cliff and Louise, thank-you. And thank-you for being there for me as my counsel during those years of taking care of Mom after Dad died. It is impossible to think of making that journey without your support. I too, fondly remember the Williams’ family reunions and the laughter and kinship that you had with Mom and Dad. Your laughter I know was always a joy to them. Thank-you for celebrating and making their lives better. Von

  • Von Stuckert says:

    Thank everyone for attending the memorial services today and for making their condolences here. It was humbling to see the effort made especially given the short notice and being at a time of day when most are working. And apologies to those out of state and others for that short notice if it prevented you from joining the celebration of a better life.

    I find myself remorseful I didn’t get up and speak at the memorial. Thank-you to Stew Gardner, my brothers Dennis and Steve and my Darby grade school principle Mr. Anderson for making such wonderful tributes. I found myself at the time not able to think of anything to add as I felt peace at what was spoken and covered. Of course after, I was able to think of some things that I could have shared and will try to remember them here.

    The biggest thing that continues to ring out to me is Mom’s never ending supply of love and the way that she unselfishly shared it with whomever came in contact with her. Of course her immediate family and children benefited the most as we were with her on a daily basis. But she didn’t stop there. Mom and Dad found a kinship with the true Christian values put forth by Jesus in that manner. She put others before herself, consistently. Whatever whoever needed, whenever they needed it. Between Mom and Dad, whoever met them, they instantly felt like they were “Mom and Dad”, regardless of their age or relationship with them. Each of them in their own way were gentle giants. And I am grateful for having such a wonderful Mother that expressed that undying love, until the last day. And I only hope that part of the reward for Mom now is to be rejoined with the love of her life, Loren Charles Stuckert.

    Von Eric Stuckert

  • Denny Stuckert says:

    To all those who knew our mother…seeing and reading all of your comments is just an astounding tribute to the woman we called Mom…Hazel.
    All of our love to those of you who were, yes, graced by her presence! What a remarkable lady! Because she was!
    I loved her, I cherished her it’s true. In all the years I grew with her she never wavered, was always home, always had meals and a clean place. Says a lot!
    Thanks, Mom! I feel you!

  • Von Stuckert says:

    Hello All, I have updated the titles of the photos saved on my dropbox to be more descriptive. May add more to this folder as I come across celebrating this beautiful lady’s life. Love to all. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yb0pvtmtkthx1pn/AADxWACbGvVXLQIw9SxpaUHOa?dl=0

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